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Barnes Murray de Bháill, Consulting Engineers, provides a comprehensive range of planning, engineering, and environmental services to a variety of sectors relating to the built environment throughout Ireland. These services include architectural design, planning, engineering, and project management. They also include services related to building energy rating (BER), site assessment for wastewater treatment (SR6:1991 & EPA 2000), hydrogeological assessment, waste management, and alternative energy.

We are located in The Old Forge, Innishannon, which is approximately 15 kilometres from Cork City.

The core services we provide can be summarised as follows:

Planning & Architectural

  • Domestic, Industrial, & Commercial Planning Applications
  • Architectural Design
  • Surveying, Cartography, & Visualisation


  • Supervision of Construction
  • Snag Lists
  • Pre-Purchase Surveys
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Hydrology & Hydrogeology
  • Quarrying & Rock Extraction


  • Building Energy Rating (BER)
  • Site Assessment & Percolation Testing
  • Waste Management
  • Alternative Energy

Barnes Murray de Bháill Ltd., The Old Forge, Innishannon, Co. Cork, Ireland - Tel: +353 21 4701122 - Email: info@bmdb.ie